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A Statement from the Lilac Players

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We at the Lilac Players would like to acknowledge that we have been complicit in the damaged system described in this piece:

Though we are a young company, we have been shaped by and benefited from the world in which we were formed, regardless of any good intentions. While Boston prides itself on being a very liberal city in deep blue Massachusetts, it remains heavily segregated by race. Our founding board members, all white, met through theater within this context. As with the organizations mentioned in this piece, our leadership, membership, and audiences are disproportionately white. We will continue working towards a more inclusive and diverse Lilac Players, work harder to include Black and Brown artists onstage and off, and start better supporting BIPOC-centered/led theatres in the Boston area.

We ask that you turn your support towards local BIPOC-run performing arts companies and organizations, including:

The Theater Offensive is a Boston-based, QTPOC-centered arts organization that has served the community for over 30 years, including longstanding programs for queer youth, and support for QTPOC artists impacted by COVID-19.

Front Porch Arts Collective is a Black theater company based in the Central Square Theater in Cambridge.

Castle of Our Skins is a concert and educational series dedicated to celebrating Black artistry through music.

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