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Please use this form to report witnessing or experiencing discrimination, harassment, or any other breach of the Code of Conduct.

Information on next steps:

  • Our Conduct Committee (and ombudsperson, if there is one currently appointed for a show) will meet internally and review your submission to determine the correct next steps.

  • This made include reaching out to your for additional information, mediation, monitoring the situation, and other steps (depending on the situation and on whether you provide your contact information.)

  • If a more serious consequence is required, the Conduct Committee will make that determination and communicate it to the appropriate parties. If you provide contact information, you will hear back about next steps regardless of the determination.

  • Please note that if you do choose to report the problem anonymously, there may be limits around what action the Conduct Committee is able to take, as their ability to gather information may be limited. We do, however, encourage you to report anonymously if that’s how you feel most comfortable.

Thank you for your report.

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