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The Lilac Players' First Annual 48hr Play Festival:


The Group Project

By Michael DeFillippi 

Directed by: Christine Chilingerian

Cast: Branigan Reed, Kathryn Noonan, Brie Frame, Tom Bourque


Healing Connections

By Noelle Colant

Directed by: Illan Feiman Halpern

Cast: Mel Abrams, Zoe Sheinkopf, Sami Harper, Amelia Smith


"Closing Up the Library"

By Lorraine Fitzmaurice 

Directed by: Elyssa Bjorkman

Cast: Sara Davis, Anna-Constantia Richardson


"I'd Do Anything for Love, Bro"

By Lorraine Fitzmaurice and Judith Garber

Directed by: Elyssa Bjorkman

Cast: Elise Ratchford, Judith Garber, S. Ayala


Working Remotely

By Michael McAfee

Directed By: Claire Jolliffe

Cast: Theresa Griffin, Jackie Freyman


Azathoth Solves All Your Problems For You

by Sarah Rae Brown

Directed by Tyler Crosby

Cast: Diana Kennedy, Hirsh Singh 


It's Okay 

By Matthew Garlin (he/him) 

Directed by: Emma Brown (she/her) 

Cast: Jess Labbe (she/her)l, H. James Woodsum (he/they), Laura Gould (she/her) 


Creature Comforts

By E. Rosser

Directed by Dylan Torchinsky(he/him)

Cast: Drache Bowens-Rubin, Dylan Torchinsky


It‘s The Thought That Counts

by Naomi Hinchen (she/her)

Directed by: Kaitlyn Crockett (she/they)

Cast: Alec Farquharson (he/him), Val Whiteneck (they/them), Alyssa Branciforte (they/them), Brittany Phillips (they/them) 

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